The Secrets of Successful Mind Mapping using Mindjet MindManager


Mindjet’s MindManager is a powerful mind mapping tool that boosts your individual productivity. Whether you’re creating a business plan or developing a new website, its robust mind maps have the features you need to plan and complete any project.

These MindManger features are not exactly a secret but utilising them and finding out how much time they could save you will probably make you feel like you have found a hidden treasure.

You can add multiple hyperlinks to a topic

  1. Go to the insert tab > Hyperlink > Manage Hyperlinks
  2. Click ‘Add’ to insert as many links as you like

Print in pieces

Sometimes we get a little carried away with our mind maps and printing them isn’t feasible. Sometimes we just want to print a specific piece of a map, but don’t want to screen capture it and transfer it to another programme. To print just the bits you want:

  1. Open a map and select which topic you want to print
  2. Invoke the File > Print command
  3. Select the ‘Primary selected topic’ from the print range selection

Paste topics as images – then email them

  1. Pick the topic you want to send
  2. Right-click or ‘Copy to Clipboard’
  3. Put focus in body of the email
  4. Use the Paste > Special Paste > As Bitmap option

Sharing is caring

You may find that you need to share your map with someone who doesn’t have the software – simple…

  1. Click ‘Export to Mindjet Player’
  2. Create a flash-enabled PDF of your map
  3. Share with anyone who has Adobe Reader – they’ll be able to navigate the content interactively

Make it custom

As not everyone uses the same set of commands …

  1. Under ‘Choose Commands From’ select ‘All Commands’ or select a tab name to see only the commands on that tab
  2. Under ‘Commands’, select the command you want to add, then click ‘Add’
  3. To remove a command, select it in the list on the right and click ‘Remove’
  4. To return the toolbar it its original configuration click ‘Reset’


One project – multiple maps

For when your project requires several map dashboards but you want to connect every element:

  1. Open a map with other maps as links or begin from scratch.
  2. Go to View > Linked Map. Notice the Ribbon interface for the View


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